Gasket Fix Lifetime Guarantee*
We guarantee that Elliott’s Gasket Fix will permanently and effectively repair a blown head gasket, cracked head or block for your entire ownership time of the vehicle, boat or engine..
If the problem reoccurs at anytime during your ownership of the vehicle, boat or engine, we will provide a one off replacement treatment of gasket fix.
If you would prefer a full refund, we are happy to do so providing you send us a letter from a registered mechanic stating that Elliott’s Gasket Fix did not repair your car. 


* Terms and Conditions
1) Guarantee refunds will only be issued with a letter from a VAT registered & licensed mechanic stating that the product failed to fix your head gasket, this letter must include the vhicle registration details along with what tests where done to ascertain the products failure.
2) Only one refund per vehicle.
3) Refunds will only be issued on the basis that the gasket fix usage directions were followed properly.
4) Refunds will only be issued for the recommended amount needed for your engine size, to a maximum of 3 bottles.
5) You must contact us within 40 days of purchase, after this time period, we will not initiate a refund
6) Once we have issued a refund cheque and provided you with the registered mail tracking details, this will be tended as full and final settlement against any failure/fault claims resulting from the use of Elliotts gasket fix which will be deemed to been accepted by you and therefore be contractually binding. No further discussion will be entered into. 


Returning Gasket Fix for a Refund
With in 30 days of buying Gasket Fix, you feel that it is not the right product for you, you are welcome to return it to us for a full refund minus shipping and packaging costs.

The product you return must be in the same condition that you purchased it in (re-sellable condition).

To make a return please contact us. Refunds are made by paypal or cheque only.


How to use Elliott’s Gasket Fix in 3 simple steps!!

1. With a cold engine, open the radiator cap and pour in Elliott’s gasket fix. Replace the radiator cap.

2. Start the engine, then turn the heater and fan on full. Let the engine run for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, let the engine completely cool and top up the radiator with coolant and water. 

Drive your car as usual, Elliotts gasket fix will continue to work as you are driving.

Important: If you are putting Elliott’s Gasket Fix into your car through an expansion tank, make sure that there is enough room in your cooling system for the gasketfix to penetrate your system otherwise the Gasket Fix will just site in the expansion tank.

For optimum results:

- If you have tried inferior products flush your cooling system with water after disconnecting bottom radiator hose. Do not use a flushing agent.

Additional Elliott’s Gasket Fix Directions if you are experiencing back pressure or bubbling:

These directions are for people that have a lot of back pressure building in the cooling system, usually shown as bubbling in the header tank or air forcing past the coolant cap.

- Locate the cylinder causing the bubbling in the overflow tank or backpressure. (Remove plugs one at a time till bubbling stops.

- Before starting the engine, remove the spark plug or injector from the cylinder that was causing the bubbling in the overflow tank or back pressure. If accessible, remove injector wire from that cylinder. This will limit the amount of unburned fuel going into the combustion chamber.

- If you cannot find the spark plug that is missing, run the engine with the coolant level down to the top of the radiator core and with the radiator cap off or leave the expansion cap off the expansion bottle with water only just visible.

- Make sure to run the engine up to temperature with the spark plug /Injector out and for the one final time with the spark plug/injector back in place.


Q) What is the background of the Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ product?
The Product was developed in Germany and has been through some very strict testing an independent laboratory. If used properly it has a 99% success rate.

Q) What is in Elliott’s Gasket Fix™?
Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ contains a mix of proprietary chemicals that have been blended in such a way that they form a bond when heated.

Q) Will Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ block my engines cooling system?
A) Unlike other brands, Elliott's does not use fibers or particles that can damage or clog an engines coolling system. Our product is a clear liquid.

Q) Can Elliott's gasket fix be used with anti-freeze?
A) Elliott's gasket fix works well with antifreeze.

Q) How long will Elliott’s Gasket Fix last?
Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ has been designed to be a permanent fix.

Q) Are there some problems that Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ will not fix?
Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ will not seal leaks in hoses, seals, water pumps, or extremely large cracks in the head or block resulting in the vehicle not starting. If it does not run Elliott’s Gasket Fix can not work as it relies on temperature.

Q) What do I do if I have used an inferior or other product making similar claims?
A) If you have used an inferior product you must flush the radiator with water to clean it before using gasket fix.

Q) What precautions should I take with Elliott’s Gasket Fix™?
Elliott’s Gasket Fix™ should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid eye or skin contact. If eyes or skin become irritated with Elliott’s Gasket Fix™, rinse with cold water immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a doctor immediately.

Q) Do I need to drain the coolant system before using Gasket Fix?
You need clean coolant in the system, if yours is old or full of oil you must change it first then add Elliott’s Gasket Fix.

Q) What if I have oil leaking ?
Elliott’s Gasket Fix will not fix oil leaks, only coolant related leaks on the head gasket.

Q) Do I need to flush the coolant if I am using Elliott’s Gasket Fix a second time as it initially did not work?
If the coolant was fresh and clean add Elliott’s Gasket Fix, if dirty flush it first.



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